Decorative paints and plasters

  • Decorative paints
  • Venetian plaster
  • Textured coatings
  • Finishing coatings
  • Protective compositions
Decorazza finishing materials are exclusive decorative plasters, textured and translucent coatings which will allow you to get unbeaten creative effects and highlight the interior of any style and epoch. 

Over twenty years experience in decorative finishing materials manufacture on the Russian market and collaboration with Italian professionals helped us to create really unique product, which combines the beauty of the best decorative patterns and great service properties, adapted to the requirements of the Russian consumers.


Leading brand the category of marble plasters

Marble plasters and solutions for facades

  • Marble plasters
  • Mosaic coatings
  • Textured coatings
  • Elastic coatings
  • Finishing coatings
  • Smooth paints
  • Liquid wallpaper
  • Ground coatings
  • Putties
  • Lacquer varnishes
Combination of modern technologies and traditions in decoration of facades and interiors offers the consumer a range of materials which perfectly suit any architectural style.
The history of  Bayramix® trademark dates back more than twenty-five years of intensive development. Over this time the brand has proves to manufacture the high-quality and long-lasting products. A lot of professionals around Russia and the countries of the CIS trust this trademark.
In 1993 Bayramix® was the first which presented the category of Marble plasters on the Russian market.
Today Bayramix® is the unconditional leader of the Russian market which produces materials on the basis of crushed marble and presents a wide range of high-quality modern eco-friendly coatings.

Innovative premium


  • Innovative products
  • Interior paints
  • Facade paints
  • Wood paints
  • Plasters
  • Pre-materials
OLSTA offers high-quality and high-tech premium materials. A wide range of products allows to meet all necessary consumer requirements when choosing the material: abrasion and water resistance, placidity, vapour permeability, eco-friendliness and anti-allergenic properties. Olsta materials conform the European standards of quality, safety and eco-friendliness, which is proved via research and multilevel testing held by CH-Polymers Oy Finland independent laboratory.
Olsta Northland unique colour pallet discovers unlimited opportunities for creative work. In the pallet you can find the colours and shades that perfectly suit the interiors and facades of any styles.

The best quality-to-price combination

  • ​Marble plaster

  • Textured plaster
  • Waterborne paints
  • Acrylic ground coatings
  • Impregnations
Prorab brand has proved to produce professional, modern and practical coatings for facades and interiors at acceptable prices.
The trademark presents balanced products which combine modern technologies and usage of high-quality national raw materials. When developing Prorab materials, we take into account the standards and experience of the Russian construction companies.
All products of Prorab trademark are certified. It proves that all the materials completely conform the requirements and standards,accepted in Russia:
  • ecological cleanness
  • fire resistance
  • durability
  • freezing resistance
  • water resistance
In Prorab assortment you can find popular kinds of water-disperse paints, efficient decorative finishing materials based on crushed marble, textured coatings, ready-made materials for surface preparation, impregnation for wood and stone, glue.
Prorab finishing materials allows you to do high-quality and cost-efficient renovation works.